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Altitude means aiming high, going above and beyond the basic brief and keeping an eagle eye on your business goals and bigger picture. As your go-to team for digital marketing and marketing-related issues, we craft sound strategies and put these measures into practice – so you don’t have to.


Once the strategy is done, we dive laser-focussed into the marketing operations. Having senior profiles working on your project means two things: hardcore efficiency and no rookie mistakes. We not only do the concepts, but we also love to execute them and get our hands dirty.


We have seen companies from a one-person startup to IPO candidates, so we know what makes sense for your business at each stage of the company. And by the way, we have been founders ourselves, so besides our growth perspective, we also have an entrepreneurial DNA.


Highlights 2020


Digital to the core

We believe in approaching marketing and growth holistically. Therefore we do not limit ourselves to one specific marketing channel, but rather develop growth strategies individually for each client. Following, we cover each area that is necessary to achieve the business goals, so we have a high level of control can ensure the maximum level of success probability. At the same time, having one single point of contact for our client, makes live not only easier but also more efficient.

Performance Marketing

We grew up with channels like Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Ads, Display Ads, and so forth. So, having managed performance marketing budgets of multiple million Euro per months, gave us quite a lot of expertise in running performance marketing campaigns.

Tracking & Analysis

We love data since it is the fundament of our decision making. We make sure that for each project we are collecting the right data, tracking conversion steps accurately, and drawing the right conclusions from the reports we build. So, by making the marketing performance transparent and understandable, our clients have not only a clear understanding of our efforts, but can also base their business decisions on the right source of truth.

SEO & Content

Adding organic channels to your mix, not only creates trust but also contributes to long-term profitability of a business. Having done multiple SEO and content marketing projects, we can look back on thousands of SEO pages and content pieces produced.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Having optimized traffic acquisition is nice, but we do not stop here. Concepting new funnel and landing page concepts and bringing them to life, is our daily business. Developing these pages ourselves - from design to code - allows us also to have a better control over tracking and marketing tools, since you can be sure to get everything from the same mould.

Creative Production

Working a lot in the field of Facebook and Instagram ads, we are aware of the importance of outstanding creatives. Bringing the performance and creative perspective together, we often execute content productions for our clients that do look sleek and also perform well.

Strategy Consulting

We are glad to have experts of each mentioned area in our team. At the same time, we believe that it is important to understand the full business impact and relations of growth marketing. Therefore, we also often act as strategic advisor to the management team of the client, who can be assured that we cover both - operations and strategy.

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About us

Living and breathing all things digital since day one

Looking for a sleek poster or print campaign? Then we’re probably not your best bet. Living and breathing all things digital since day one, we’ve helped some of today’s biggest players grow from promising start-up to full-blown success. This gives us a singular head-start by translating marketing best practices from digital native pioneers to other industries.


At Altitude, our associates and analysts can draw on 20+ years of experience in growth consulting and strategy development, content production (photo, video), UX/UI design for websites or marketing-specific landing pages, creative copywriting, website development and extensive digital marketing expertise, depending on each project’s needs.


So, whether booking spots in prime slots or getting you the best deals on media buys, you can trust our team to pick the perfect blend and solution for your particular project. And also to tell you when it’s safe to give all those shiny, seductive marketing options a miss.


So, do you want to grow your business ?